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FX951-SET1 Compact Soldering Station and T15 Soldering Tip Set



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Compact, high-powered, thermally-controlled soldering Station
75W AC 24V 200 to 450°C
Standard model ensures high thermal recovery needed for lead-free soldering
Comes with a FM2028 Soldering Iron and Iron Stand and 5 Tip set

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In stock

The FX951-SET1 Compact Soldering Station and T15 Soldering Tip Set includes a T15 tip set of T15-B2, T15-D12, T15-D16, T15-D32, T15-D52

Included as standard Option Option
Soldering iron
H K Wentworth - HAKKO UK and Ireland distributor
Powerful thermal recovery allows soldering at lower temperature settings. Lineup includes 85 types of standard soldering tips.Thermal Recovery Graph
(The comparison of HAKKO products)

H K Wentworth - HAKKO UK and Ireland distributor
N2 soldering iron
H K Wentworth - HAKKO UK and Ireland distributor
Improve solderability and wettability with the HAKKO N2system.N2 system reduces soldering defects!*Requires a variety of equipment in addition to the N2soldering iron.
Micro soldering iron
H K Wentworth - HAKKO UK and Ireland distributor
Specially designed handle and tip provide improved workability when mounting minute, high-density electronic components.*Can also be used with the following stations:

The FX951-SET1 Compact Soldering Station and T15 Soldering Tip Set includes a Carefully designed station

Our commitment to producing iron holders
H K Wentworth - HAKKO UK and Ireland distributor The angle of the iron holder can be changed freely so that the iron holder accommodates soldering in both a standing and a sitting position.
It shows HAKKO’s commitment to soldering iron base stand which is used 100’s of times a day.

Three Features of the Soldering Iron HAKKO FM2028

Product Features

  • Interlock mechanism with the iron holder makes setting of the power-save setting easy.
  • Power-save function allows minute-by-minute setting. (up to 30 minutes)
    0-29mins. — Sleep mode,
    30 mins.— Auto-power, Shutoff
  • Enclosed type iron holder ensures safety.

Carefully designed iron and tip

Uses lock-type Sleeve Assembly soldering iron.
H K Wentworth - HAKKO UK and Ireland distributor

The optional HAKKO FM2026 and HAKKO FM2032 are not lockable

H K Wentworth - HAKKO UK and Ireland distributor
Composite tip
H K Wentworth - HAKKO UK and Ireland distributor The composite tip is a soldering tip integrated with heating element and sensor. Despite its highly compact design, the tip offers superior thermal responsivity and greatly improved thermal recovery.
Used in combination with a smoke absorber
Can be used in combination with the HAKKO 490 smoke cleaner or the HAKKO 494 smoke absorbing system for line-production.
Does not support the HAKKO FM2026 or HAKKO FM2032.
H K Wentworth - HAKKO UK and Ireland distributor

Model No. Packing List
No. FX951 Soldering Station (HAKKO FX-951), Soldering Iron (HAKKO FM-2028), Tip Set (T15-B2, T15-D12, T15-D16, T15-D32, T15-D52) Programming Card, Power Cord, Heat Resistant Pad, Iron Holder, Connecting cable, Instruction Manual (One of each unless specified)


Model No. FX-951
Power consumption 75W
Temperature range 200 to 450ºC
Temperature stability ±5ºC at idle temperature


Output voltage AC 24V
Dimensions 80(W)×130(H)×131(D)mm
Weight 1.2kg

Soldering Iron

Power consumption 70W (24V)
Tip to ground resistance <2Ω
Tip to ground potential <2mV
Heating element Composite heater
Cord length 1.2m
Total length 188mm (with 2.4D tip)
Weight 30g (with 2.4D tip)
* Total length and weight (w/o cord)

Soldering Tip / Nozzle

New Tip Shape Concave type
This type has a concave (or V-groove) at the end. 
It provides excellent heat supply to solder joint and ensures sufficient solder flow-up. 
Concave type

T15 Series

Shape BCM/CM

How to use the BCM/CM and examples

Shape BC/C

Shape B

Shape D

Shape I

Shape J

Shape K

SMD Type : Shape Quad

SMD Type : Shape Tunnel

SMD Type : Shape Spatula

Shape R

Shape SB

Special Applications Type

Hakko FX-951 Recommended Extras / Options

Part No. Name
photo:FM2026-03 FM2026-03 Nitrogen Soldering Iron for more efficient soldering. * *Requires Nitrogen Source such as Hakko Generator FX-780 Buy Now
photo:FM2032-52 FM2032-52 Micro-Soldering Iron Conversion Kit Buy Now
photo:B3217 B3217 Sleeve assembly Buy Now
photo:B3218 B3218 Sleeve assembly Buy Now
photo:B3219 B3219 Sleeve assembly Buy Now
photo:599B 599B-02 Tip Cleaner Buy Now
photo:B2756 B2756 Tip Tray / Holder Buy Now
photo:Qualitek Soldering Wire Qualitek Soldering Wire Buy Now
photo:611-1 Soldering Wire Holder 611-1 Soldering Wire Holder Buy Now
photo:FA-400 FA-400 Desk Top Fume Extractor Buy Now
photo:FG100B FG100B Tip Thermometer Buy Now
photo:FT-710 FT-710 Tip Cleaner Buy Now


Ref. Image Part No Description Availability
1 photo:b3732 B3732 Front Panel Assembly Buy Now
photo:B2982           B2982 Button Set For Front Panel Buy Now
2. photo:B3255 B3255 Case Left Buy Now
3. photo:B2978 B2978 Case Right Buy Now
4. B2985 Transformer 230V Please Contact Us
photo:B2227           B2227 Grounding Plate Buy Now
5. photo:B2852 B2852 Power Switch Buy Now
photo:B2384            B2384 Power Inlet Buy Now
6. photo:B2987 B2987 Fuse 220-240V-1A Buy Now
7. photo:B2425 B2425 Power Cord Buy Now
8. photo:B2972 B2972 Control Card Buy Now
9. photo:B3253 B3253 Connecting Cable Buy Now

Soldering Iron

photo:Soldering Iron
Ref. Image Part No Description Availability
1. photo:FM2028-02 FM2028-01 FM2028 Soldering Iron with Yellow sleeve Buy Now
1. photo:FM2028-02 FM2028-02 FM2028 Soldering Iron with Blue sleeve Buy Now
3. photo:B3216 B3216 Yellow Sleeve Buy Now
photo:B3217 B3217 Orange Sleeve Buy Now
photo:B3218 B3218 Blue Sleeve Buy Now
photo:B3219 B3219 Green Sleeve Buy Now
4. T15 Tip See Tips Tab
5. photo:B2300 B2300 Heat Proof Mat Buy Now

Iron Holder FH200-01/2:

photo:Iron Holder FH200-01/2
Ref Image Part Number Description Availability
photo:B3219 photo:B3219 FH200-01 FH200-02 Iron Holder (Inc. Cleaning Wire) Iron Holder (Inc. Cleaning Sponge) Buy Buy
1. photo:B3219 B3001 Iron receptacle Buy
2. photo:B3219 B2791 Retaining Clip Buy
3. photo:B3219 B3248 Receptacle Holder Buy
4. photo:B3219 B3250 Back Plate Buy
5. photo:B3219 B3252 Switch Case Assembly Buy
6. photo:B3219 B3251 Base Buy
7. photo:B3219 B3249 Cleaner Base Buy
8. photo:B3219 A1519 Cleaning Sponge Buy
9. photo:599B 599B-02 599 Wire Holder Buy
10. photo:B3219 599-029 599 Cleaning Wire Buy
Weight 2.15 kg

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