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FX-951 Compact Soldering Station

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  • Compact high-power thermally-controlled soldering iron
  • Standard model that ensures high thermal recovery needed for lead-free soldering
  • Selectable soldering iron for N2 system or micro soldering as usage at your option
  • Does NOT Include Tips, please refer to the packing list for included parts.

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Included as standard with the FX951-64 Compact Soldering Station

Included as standard Option Option
Soldering iron
H K Wentworth - HAKKO UK and Ireland distributor
Powerful thermal recovery allows soldering at lower temperature settings. Line-up includes 85 types of standard soldering tips. Thermal Recovery Graph
(The comparison of HAKKO products)

H K Wentworth - HAKKO UK and Ireland distributor
N2 soldering iron
H K Wentworth - HAKKO UK and Ireland distributor
Improve solderability and wettability with the HAKKO N2system.N2 system reduces soldering defects!*Requires a variety of equipment in addition to the N2soldering iron.
Micro soldering iron
H K Wentworth - HAKKO UK and Ireland distributor
Specially designed handle and tip provide improved workability when mounting minute, high-density electronic components.*Can also be used with the following stations:

The FX951-64 Compact Soldering Station includes a carefully designed station

Our commitment to producing iron holders
H K Wentworth - HAKKO UK and Ireland distributor The angle of the iron holder can be changed freely so that the iron holder accommodates soldering in both a standing and a sitting position.
It shows HAKKO’s commitment to soldering iron base stand which is used 100’s of times a day.

Three Features of the Soldering Iron HAKKO FM2028

FX-951 Product Features

  • Interlock mechanism with the iron holder makes setting of the power-save setting easy.
  • Power-save function allows minute-by-minute setting. (up to 30 minutes)
    0-29mins. — Sleep mode,
    30 mins.— Auto-power, Shutoff
  • Enclosed type iron holder ensures safety.

Carefully designed iron and tip

Uses lock-type Sleeve Assembly soldering iron.
H K Wentworth - HAKKO UK and Ireland distributor
The optional HAKKO FM2026 and HAKKO FM2032 are not lockable
H K Wentworth - HAKKO UK and Ireland distributor
H K Wentworth - HAKKO UK and Ireland distributor The composite tip is a soldering tip integrated with heating element and sensor. Despite its highly compact design, the tip offers superior thermal responsivity and greatly improved thermal recovery.
Used in combination with a smoke absorber
Can be used in combination with the HAKKO 490 smoke cleaner or the HAKKO 494 smoke absorbing system for line-production.
Does not support the HAKKO FM2026 or HAKKO FM2032.
H K Wentworth - HAKKO UK and Ireland distributor

Packing List

Model No. Packing List
No. FX951 Soldering Station (HAKKO FX-951), Soldering Iron (HAKKO FM-2028), Card, Power Cord, Heat Resistant Pad, Iron Holder, Connecting cable, Instruction Manual (One of each unless specified)
Note: A soldering tip is not included in this product. The tip of desired shape should be purchased separately.


Model No. FX-951
Power consumption 75W
Temperature range 200 to 450ºC
Temperature stability ±5ºC at idle temperature


Output voltage AC 24V
Dimensions 80(W)×130(H)×131(D)mm
Weight 1.2kg

Soldering Iron

Power consumption 70W (24V)
Tip to ground resistance <2Ω
Tip to ground potential <2mV
Heating element Composite heater
Cord length 1.2m
Total length 188mm (with 2.4D tip)
Weight 30g (with 2.4D tip)
* Total length and weight (w/o cord)

T15 Soldering Iron Tips

The FX951 is supplied with the FM2028 Soldering iron which uses T15 Tips.

T15 tips are used with the FM2027 and FM2028 Soldering irons used with stations FX951, FX952, FM203, FM204 and FM206. The T15 Series includes almost 100 varieties of tip shape and size covering any soldering or rework application. They are organised into groups by “shape”:


Tip Shape


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T15  "B Shape"

Standard conical tips for everyday use

View Options

T15  "BC / C  Shape"

This type has a shape like a cone or column cut at a slant, which allows users to select the cut surface size depending on the workpiece.

It is used for drag soldering and pre-tinning of lead wires.

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T15  "D Shape"

Chisel shaped tips used for line and face soldering as well as narrow pitch.

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T15 "I Shape"

Fine shaped tips for small workpieces.

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T15  "J Shape"

Angled tip for face and point soldering

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T15 "K Shape"

Knife Shape for line, face and point soldering. It is used for soldering at narrow pitches, correction of bridging and drag soldering.

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T15 "R Shape"

Specialist “Slot” or Concave shape for through hole soldering. It is effective to avoid insufficient PTH fill.

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T15  "SB Shape"

Specialist conical shapes

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T15  "SMD Type Quad"

SMD type for removing QFPs

View Options

T15  "SMD Type Spatula"

SMD type for thermo-compression of P.W.B. and soldering shield cases or connectors

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T15 "SMD Tunnel"

SMD type for removing SOPs

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T15 "Special Applications"

Long chisel shape

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The Below Tools can also be used with the FX951 and take the Tips in the table below:




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T17 Soldering Iron Tips + Nitrogen Nozzle

View Options


T30 Soldering Iron Tips

View Options

Hakko FX-951 Recommended Extras / Options

Part No. Name
Nitrogen Soldering Iron for more efficient soldering. * *Requires Nitrogen Source such as Hakko Generator FX-780 FM2026-03 Nitrogen Soldering Iron for more efficient soldering. * *Requires Nitrogen Source such as Hakko Generator FX-780 Buy Now
FM2032-52 Conversion kit | HAKKO UK FM2032-52 Micro-Soldering Iron Conversion Kit Buy Now
B3217 Sleeve assembly B3217 Sleeve assembly Buy Now
B3218 Sleeve assembly B3218 Sleeve assembly Buy Now
B3219 Green Anti-Bacterial Sleeve Assembly for FM2027 /FM2028 B3219 Sleeve assembly Buy Now
599B Dry Tip Cleaner and Holder 599B-02 Tip Cleaner Buy Now
B2756 Tip Tray / Holder B2756 Tip Tray / Holder Buy Now
Qualitek Soldering Wire Qualitek Soldering Wire Buy Now
611-1 Soldering Wire Reel Holder (Single) 611-1 Soldering Wire Holder Buy Now
FA-400 Desktop Fume Extractor FA-400 Desk Top Fume Extractor Buy Now
FG100B Digital Thermometer FG100B Tip Thermometer Buy Now
FT-710 Tip Cleaner FT-710 Tip Cleaner Buy Now

FX951 Station Spare / Replacement Parts

Ref. Image Part No Description Availability
1 B3732 Front Panel Assembly B3732 Front Panel Assembly Buy Now
B2982 Button Set For Front Panel           B2982 Button Set For Front Panel Buy Now
2. B3255 Case Left B3255 Case Left Buy Now
3. B2978 Case Right B2978 Case Right Buy Now
4. B2985 for FX951 B2985 Transformer 230V Buy Now
B2227 Grounding Plate           B2227 Grounding Plate Buy Now
5. B2852 Power Switch B2852 Power Switch Buy Now
B2384 Power Inlet            B2384 Power Inlet Buy Now
6. B2987 Replacement Fuse 250V-1A B2987 Fuse 220-240V-1A Buy Now
7. B2425 Hakko British Standard Plug B2425 Power Cord Buy Now
8. B2972 Control Card B2972 Control Card Buy Now
9. B3253 Connecting Cable B3253 Connecting Cable Buy Now

Soldering Iron

photo:Soldering Iron
Ref. Image Part No Description Availability
1. FM2028 Soldering Iron with Yellow sleeve FM2028-01 FM2028 Soldering Iron with Yellow sleeve Buy Now
1. photo:FM2028-02 FM2028-02 FM2028 Soldering Iron with Blue sleeve Buy Now
3. B3216 Yellow Sleeve B3216 Yellow Sleeve Buy Now
B3217 Orange Sleeve B3217 Orange Sleeve Buy Now
B3218 Blue Sleeve assembly B3218 Blue Sleeve Buy Now
B3219 Green Anti-Bacterial Sleeve Assembly for FM2027 /FM2028 B3219 Green Sleeve Buy Now
4. T15 Tip See Tips Tab
5. B2300 Heat Resistant Pad B2300 Heat Proof Mat Buy Now

Iron Holder FH200-01/2:

Iron Holder FH200-01/2
Ref Image Part Number Description Availability
Iron Holder (Inc. Cleaning Wire) Iron Holder (inc Cleaning Sponge) FH200-01 FH200-02 Iron Holder (Inc. Cleaning Wire) Iron Holder (Inc. Cleaning Sponge) Buy Now Buy Now
1. B3001 Iron receptacle for FH200-01 / FH200-02 B3001 Iron receptacle Buy Now
2. B2791 Retaining clip B2791 Retaining Clip Buy Now
3. B3248 Receptacle Holder for FH200-01 / FH200-02 B3248 Receptacle Holder Buy Now
4. B3250 Back Plate 'Stay' - FH200 B3250 Back Plate Buy Now
5. B3252 Switch Assembly for FH200 Holders B3252 Switch Case Assembly Buy Now
6. B3251 Iron Holder Base - FH200 / FH201 B3251 Base Buy Now
7. B3249 Iron Holder Cleaner Base - FH200 / FH201 B3249 Cleaner Base Buy Now
8. a1519 | HAKKO UK Only Authorised distributor A1519 Cleaning Sponge Buy Now
9. 599B Dry Tip Cleaner and Holder 599B-02 599 Wire Holder Buy Now
10. 599-029 599 Cleaning Wire 599-029 599 Cleaning Wire Buy Now

Tech Tips

Category Title
How to use Select Tip Shape
How to use Difference between BC/C type and BCF/CF type
How to use HAKKO N2 system
How to use Offset value input method (How to adjust the temperature on station-type units)
How to use Combinations of handpieces and soldering tips for the FM/FX series
Maintenance Why doesn't solder flow evenly onto a tip though it is brand-new?
Maintenance If solder does not flow onto the tip...
Maintenance Tip life
Maintenance Why do tips oxidize easily when they are used with lead-free solder?
Maintenance Maintenance and inspection of station-type soldering irons
Top Tips Top Tips for Successful Soldering and De-Soldering Processes


Manual Size
Hakko FX-951 Instruction Manual 3,523kb Download
Weight 2.639 kg

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