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FX888D-SET1 Soldering Station and T18 Soldering Tip Set



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Compact Digital Soldering Station with Soldering Iron, Stand and 6 Tip Set included.
Adjustable temperature control with Temperature range 50°C to 480°C (120°F to 899°F), Digital display shows °F or °C, Maintains idle temperature within 1.8°F (1°C) when set to 400°F to 899°F (200 to 480°C)
Ceramic heating element and sensor ensures rapid heat-up temperature and fast thermal recovery
Wide selection of tips available for soldering SMD and through-hole applications, Use with Hakko T18 series tips (Standard Tip is included, others purchased separately)
Password protected temperature setting functionality

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In stock

The FX888D-SET1 Soldering Station and T18 Soldering Tip Set set includes additional HAKKO T18 tip set of T18-BL, T18-C3, T18-D16, T18-D24, T18-S3

Introducing the HAKKO FX888D Soldering Station and T18 Soldering Tip Set – Reliable digital technology by HAKKO –

Excellent thermal recovery

  • Heater output has been increased by 30% compared to that of the conventional models HAKKO 936/937. Also HAKKO FX888D delivers excellent thermal recovery by using T18 series soldering tips for their terrific heat conductivity.
    This allows soldering at a lower set temperature and reducing the thermal impact on components as well as tip oxidation that can shorten tip life.
  • Thermal recovery graph
    Rise time to 350°C is 20 seconds faster and tip temperature drop is reduced during continuous work.

FX888D-SET1 Soldering Station and T18 Soldering Tip Set

  • HAKKO FX888D performance comparison graph with conventional stations Able to shorten the time required for the same work and improve work efficiency significantly.

FX888D-SET1 Soldering Station and T18 Soldering Tip Set

Designed to be User-Friendly

  • Small footprint
    Compact station body requires a space of only 100 (W) x 120 (D) mm. What’s more, points that come into contact with the floor are positioned as close to the outer edge of the body as possible to improve stability and make the station difficult to fall over.
  • Simple and easy operation
    With only two operation buttons of UP and ENTER in the center, operation is simple and easy. Even if you’re not familiar with operation of machines, you can operate it without difficulty.

Iron holder with full of functions
An iron holder of the same color of a soldering station comes as a set. The highly functional iron holder not only improves ease of use, but also brings a sense of visual consistency to the work environment.

H K Wentworth - HAKKO UK and Ireland distributor

H K Wentworth - HAKKO UK and Ireland distributor

Strict temperature management

  • Digital display
    The HAKKO FX888D’s digital display makes it easy to check the set temperature at a glance.

H K Wentworth - HAKKO UK and Ireland distributor

  • Password function
    Settings can be locked using a password to prevent them from being changed unexpectedly. Of course, it is possible to restrict all setting changes or prevent users from switching to particular modes. It allows you to choose a style of usage best suited for your worksite.
  • Preset mode
    This feature is very convenient when you want to change the set temperature to suit a particular workpiece, component, or tip shape. Simply select the desired temperature from a selection of preset temperatures registered in advance. (Up to 5 preset temperatures can be registered.) Preset mode can save your trouble and improve workability.

H K Wentworth - HAKKO UK and Ireland distributor

  • Adjustment mode
    Temperature adjustment* is an essential part of any strict quality control system. With adjustment mode, what used to be a troublesome procedure is now as simple as entering the measured tip temperature to HAKKO FX888D.
    *Adjust the tip temperature to match the set temperature in case that there is a difference between those temperatures due to tip shape, heater replacement, or other factors.

H K Wentworth - HAKKO UK and Ireland distributor

Measuring tip temperature with a tip thermometer (HAKKO FG100)

Model No. Unit Color Iron Holder Color Packing list
FX-888D Soldering station (FX-888D), Soldering iron (FX-8801 with soldering tip type B), Iron holder (with cleaning wire, cleaning sponge), Instruction Manual, T18 Tip Set 1 (T18-BL, T18-C3, T18-D16, T18-D24, T18-S3)
Blue-Yellow Blue-Yellow
*Rubber cleaner sold separately.


Model No. FX-888D
Power consumption 70W
Temperature range 50 to 480ºC
Temperature stability ±1ºC at idle temperature (When set to 200 to 480ºC)


Output voltage AC 26V
Dimensions 100(W)×120(H)×120(D)mm
Weight 1.2kg

Soldering Iron

Power consumption 65W (26V)
Tip to ground resistance <2Ω
Tip to ground potential <2mV
Heating element Ceramic heater
Standard tip Shape-B (No.T18-B)
Cord length 1.2m
Total length 217mm (with B tip)
Weight 46g (with B tip)
* Total length and weight (w/o cord)

T18 Series

Optional / Recommended Extras

Images Part Number Description Availability
T18 Series Tips Come in a variety of shapes and sizes for different applications
photo:FH800-03SV FX8802-01 Nitrogen Soldering Iron* Requires Nitrogen Source Buy Now
photo:FH800-03SV FX8803-02 One Handed Soldering Iron with Solder Feed Buy Now
photo:FH800-03SV FX8804-02 SMD Hot Tweezers Buy Now
FX8805-01 Heavy Duty Soldering Iron with T19 Tip Buy Now
B3474 Rubber Tip Cleaner Buy Now
C1437 Iron Stand for FX8803 Buy Now
FH800-04 Iron Stand for FX Soldering Irons Buy Now
599B Soldering Tip Cleaner Buy Now
FG-100B Tip Thermometer Buy Now
611 611 Solder Wire Holder Buy Now
FT700 Soldering Iron Cleaner + Polisher Buy Now
FA-400 Desk Top Fume Extractor Buy Now
B2300 Heat Resistant Pad Buy Now

FX-888D Station Replacement Parts

Ref. Image Part Number Description Availability
1. B3733 Chassis Buy Now
2. B3734 B3735 Front Panel / Yellow Front Panel / Silver Buy Now Buy Now
3. B3736 P.W.B Temperature Control Buy Now
4. B3745 Power Cord (BS) Buy Now
5. B3739 Transformer 220-240V Buy Now
6. B3750 Cord Stopper Buy Now
7. B3450 B3452 Upper Case Blue Upper Case Silver Buy Now Buy Now
8. B3723 P.W.B / 230V Buy Now
9. B3463 Receptacle Buy Now
10. B2852 Switch Buy Now
11. B2227 Grounding Plate Buy Now
12. B2405 Rubber Feet Buy Now

FH800 Iron Holder Replacement Parts

Part Number Description
FH800-BY FH800-SV Iron Holder Blue Iron Holder Silver Buy Now Buy Now
1. A1559 Cleaning Sponge Buy Now
2. B3472 B3473 Iron Holder Base Blue Iron Holder Base Silver Buy Now Buy Now
3. B3751 Bottom Plate with Rubber Sheet & Feet Buy Now
4. A1561 Cleaning Wire Buy Now

FX8801 Soldering Iron Replacement Parts

Part Number Description
1. B1785 Locking Nut Buy Now
2. B3469 Tip Enclosure Buy Now
3. Tip T19 Series Tip See Tips Tab
4. B2022 Nipple Buy Now
5. B2032 Grounding Spring Buy Now
6. A1560 Heating Element 26V-65W Buy Now
7. B2028 Power Cord Buy Now
8. B3470 Handle Buy Now
9. B3471 Handle Cover Buy Now
10. B3467 Cord Brushing Buy Now
11. B3468 Cord Assembly Buy Now
Weight 2.135 kg

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