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FX8803 One Handed Soldering Iron with Solder Feed

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One-hand manual-solder-feed iron
Manual system allows solder to be fed only when needed

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In stock

FX8803-02 One Handed Soldering Iron with Solder Feed
Solder and feed with one hand

°Can be used with your existing

Manual feed system is perfect for cellular manufacturing
Manual system ensures solder can only be fed when working
Soldering work can be conducted at the pace of the operator
Extensive line-up of tips
Anti-static specifications
*Requires separate purchase of C1437 Iron Holder (with A1042 Sponge) iron holder C1437.


Model No. FX-8803
Power consumption 65W (26V)
Temperature range 50 to 480°C
Tip to ground resistance <2
Tip to ground potential <2mV
Heating element Ceramic heater
Standard tip Shape-3CF (No.T18-CF3)
Guide nozzle 1.0mm(Option except 1.0mm guide nozzle)
Usable solder diameter 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.6mm
Cord length 1.1m
Dimensions 170(W)180(H)23(D)mm(with 3C tip)
Weight 207g(with 3C tip)
  1. Soldering gun FX8803
  2. Soldering Tip T18-CF3
  3. Instruction manual

FX8803 Recommended / Optional Extra’s

Images Part Number Description Availability
T18 Series Tips Come in a variety of shapes and sizes for different applications Buy Now
Qualitek Solder Wire Come in a variety of sizes Buy Now
B3474 B3474 Rubber Tip Cleaner Buy Now
C1437 C1437 Iron Stand for FX8803 Buy Now
A1042 A1042 Cleaning Sponge Buy Now
599 599B Soldering Tip Cleaner Buy Now
FG-100B FG-100B Tip Thermometer Buy Now
611 611 611 Solder Wire Holder Buy Now
FT700 FT700 Soldering Iron Cleaner + Polisher Buy Now
FA-400 FA-400 Desk Top Fume Extractor Buy Now
B2300 B2300 Heat Resistant Pad Buy Now

FX8803 Spare Parts and Replacements

FX8803 Spare Parts and Replacements
Image Part Number Description
1. B2643 B2643 Terminal Board Buy Now
2. B2032 B2032 Grounding Spring Buy Now
3. A1560 A1560 Heating Element Buy Now
4. B2022 B2022 Nipple Buy Now
5. - Tip See Tips Tab
6. B3469 B3469 Tip Enclosure Buy Now
7. B1785 B1785 Nut Buy Now
8. B2648 B2648 Trigger Set Buy Now
9. B2646 B2646 Solder Feed Adjustment Guide Buy Now
10. B2645 B2645 Solder Feed Adjustment Screw Buy Now
11. B2658 B2658 Spring For Trigger Assembly Buy Now
12. B2657 B2657 Solder Inlet Buy Now
13. B3467 B3467 Cord Brushing Buy Now
14. B1710 B1710 Nozzle Securing Ring Buy Now
15. B2652 B2653 B2654 B2655 B2652 B2653 B2654 B2655 B2656 Guide Nozzle 0.6mm ESD Guide Nozzle 0.8mm ESD Guide Nozzle 1.0mm ESD Guide Nozzle 1.2mm ESD Guide Nozzle 1.6mm ESD Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
16. B2649 B2649 Support Fitting Buy Now
17. B2650 B2650 Adjustment Screw Buy Now

Tech Tips

Category Title
How to use Select Tip Shape
How to use Difference between BC/C type and BCF/CF type
How to use HAKKO N2 system
Maintenance Why doesn't solder flow evenly onto a tip though it is brand-new
Maintenance If solder does not flow onto the tip...
Maintenance Tip life
Maintenance Why do tips oxidize easily when they are used with lead-free solder
Top Tips Top Tips for Successful Soldering and De-Soldering Processes
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