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FM-204 Self Contained Desoldering and Soldering Station

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  • Self-Contained bench top Desoldering Station
  • Includes a built in Vaccum pump so no external air source is required.
  • Digital display ensures easy and reliable temperature control
  • Sleep function that works with iron holder curbs the oxidation of nozzles
  • Includes an FM2024 Desoldering tool and Stand
  • Nozzles NOT included – please purchase required sizes separately

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In stock

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FM204-10 Self Contained Desoldering and Soldering Station Features

Even easier-to-use FM204 Self Contained Desoldering and Soldering Station Series Desoldering Tool
The HAKKO FM204 Self Contained Desoldering and Soldering Station is a compact, self-contained desoldering station with a built in vacuum pump for worktop desoldering without the requirement of a compressed air source.
It comes supplied with an HAKKO FM2024 desoldering tool which can be used in gun or pencil format. The N3 Desoldering Nozzles (purchased separately) are available in a wide range of sizes for a variety of desoldering requirements.
The integrated nozzle within the HAKKO FM2024 contains both heating element and sensor provides higher thermal recovery than conventional tips.

HAKKO FM-204&HAKKO Thermal Recovery Graph

Soldering work is also possible by replacing the handpiece with an HAKKO FM2027 or HAKKO FM2026 (Purchased Separately)
Connectible handpieces:
– Desoldering handpiece (HAKKO FM2024)
– Soldering iron (HAKKO FM2027)
– N2 soldering iron (HAKKO FM2026)
Selectable grip
Two-way use of gun type and straight type is available.

Gun configuration Straight configuration
Gun configuration Straight configuration
Easy maintenance
Filter pipe replacement:
– Disposable paper filter pipe
– Easy to dispose of paper and solder separately
Nozzle replacement:
– Safe to replace with nozzle remover
– Replaceable even before the end of nozzle has cooled down

(1) Detach the nozzle remover (2) Firmly attach the nozzle remover to the nozzle cartridge as shown in the picture. (3) Pull the nozzle remover with the nozzle cartridge in one stroke.
(1) Detach the nozzle remover (2) Firmly attach the nozzle remover to the nozzle cartridge as shown in the picture. (3) Pull the nozzle remover with the nozzle cartridge in one stroke.
Power save function
Sleep function:
When the handpiece is placed on the Iron Holder (FH200-01 Iron Holder/FH200-02 Iron Holder), the sleep function operates and decreases the unused tip temperature up to approximately 200°C , preventing the tip from being oxidized.
In addition, this function can relieve the loads applied to the tip due to the high-temperature settings required for lead-free soldering
* The connecting cable enables the iron holder and temperature controller to be activated.
Auto power shut-off function:
By connecting the iron holder (HAKKO FH200) to the connecting cable, the auto power shut-off function is activated in the same manner as the sleep function.
– Selectable buzzer and alert ON/OFF setting Buzzer and alert sound generation upon error and when reaching the setting temperature can be selected. ON/OFF-settable buzzer sound

Packing List

Model No. Packing List
FM-204 HAKKO FM-204 Packing List 1. Main unit (HAKKO FM-204 station) 2. Iron holder (No. FH200-05; with tip cleaner) 3. Ceramic paper filter (10pcs.) (for replacement) 4. Cleaning drill (for heating element) 5. Filter pipe assemblies (2pcs.) (originally equipped to the unit and one for spare*5) 6. Control card 7. Desoldering tool (Model FM-2024) 8. Connecting cable 9. Nozzle remover 10. Handle (for gun configuration) *11. Power cord *12. Instruction manual *13 Tip tray *No photos are shown for parts *5,*11, *12 and *13.
* This product does not include a nozzle. When purchasing this product, be sure to order a nozzle suitable for the work.


Model No. FM-204
Power consumption 120W
Temperature range FM-2024 : 350 to 450ºC FM-2026/2027 : 200 to 450ºC
Temperature stability ±5ºC at idle temperature


Output voltage AC 24V
Vacuum generator Vacuum pump, double cylinder type
Vacuum pressure Max. 80kPa (600mmHg)
Suction flow 15L/min.
Dimensions 160(W)×120(H)×225(D)mm
Weight 3.7kg

Desoldering Tool

Power consumption 70W (24V)
Nozzle to ground resistance <2Ω
Nozzle to ground potential <2mV
Heating element Composite heater
Cord length 1.2m
Total length 180mm (with Φ1.0mm nozzle)
Weight 65g (with Φ1.0mm nozzle)
* The suction flow is measured at the filter case suction port of station. * Total length and weight (w/o cord, hose)

Soldering Tip / Nozzle

N3 Series

Optional /Recommended Extras

Images Part Number Description Availability
photo:FM2027-03 FM2027-03 Soldering Iron Conversion Kit Buy Now
photo:FM2026-06 FM2026-06 Nitrogen Soldering Iron Conversion Kit Buy Now
photo:B2874 B2874 Cleaning Pin for nozzle Φ0.6mm Buy Now
photo:B1086 B1086 Cleaning Pin for nozzle  Φ0.8mm Buy Now
photo:B1087 B1087 Cleaning Pin for nozzle  Φ1mm Buy Now
photo:B1088 B1088 Cleaning Pin for nozzle Φ1.3mm Buy Now
photo:B1089 B1089 Cleaning Pin for nozzle Φ1.6mm Buy Now
photo:B2875 B2875 Cleaning Pin for nozzle Φ2mm / 2.3mm Buy Now
photo:B2875 C1390C Omnivise PCB holder Buy Now


FR-830 Underboard Heater Buy Now
photo:599B 599B-02 Cleaning Wire and Pot Buy Now
photo:DB1003 - Desolder Braid Available in different size Buy Now

FM-204 Spare and Replacement Parts:

FM-204 Unit:

photo:FM-204 Unit
Ref Images Part Number Description Availability
1 photo:B2972 B2972 Programming Key Buy Now
2 photo:B3415 B3415 Front Panel A Buy Now
3. photo:B3416 B3416 Front Panel B Buy Now
4a. 4b. photo:B2880 photo:B2954 B2880 B2954 Vacuum Outlet Cap With O-Ring Buy Now Buy Now
5. photo:A1613 A1613 Ceramic Paper Filter Buy Now
6. B3752 Filter Case Please Contact Us
7.   Receptacle Please Contact Us
8. photo:B3419 B3419 Button Set Buy Now
9. photo:B3401 B3401 Display Buy Now
10. photo:B3420 B3420 P.W.B Front Panel Buy Now
11. photo:B3432 B3432 Chassis Buy Now
12. photo:B2864 B2864 Fuse 220-240V-1.6A Buy Now
13. photo:B2852 B2852 Switch Buy Now
14. photo:B2384 B2384 Power Receptacle Buy Now
15. photo:B3425 B3425 Transformer 230V Buy Now
16. photo:B3427 B3427 Pump Assembly Buy Now
17. photo:B3414 B3414 Inner Hose Joint Buy Now
18. photo:B3433 B3433 Inner Hose 8mmx45L Buy Now
19. photo:B3434 B3434 Inner Hose 6.5mmx120L Buy Now
20. photo:B3435 B3435 Inner Hose 6.5mmx280L Buy Now
21. photo:B3431 B3431 Cover Buy Now
22. photo:A1014 B2425 British Power Cord Buy Now

FM-204 Pump Spare and Replacement Parts (B3427) :

photo:FM-204 Pump Assembly (B3427)
Ref Images Part Number Description Availability
23. photo:B3427 B3427 Pump Assembly (Parts 24-38) Buy Now
24. photo:B1053 B1053 Balance Weight Buy Now
25. photo:B1312 B1312 Crank Buy Now
26. photo:B1057 B1057 Ring for Bearing Buy Now
27. photo:B2060 B2060 Crank Shaft Buy Now
28. photo:B3429 B3429 Pump Frame Buy Now
29. photo:A1014 B3428 Motor Buy Now
30. photo:B3430 B3430 Rubber Vibration Buy Now
31. photo:B2085 B2085 Diaphragm Setting Plate Buy Now
32. photo:A1013 A1013 Diaphragm Buy Now
33. photo:B1056 B1056 Fixing Plate Buy Now
34. photo:A1014 A1014 Valve Plate Buy Now
35. photo:B1050 B1050 Pump Head Buy Now
36. photo:B1059 B1059 Exhaust Filter Buy Now
37. photo:B1313 B1313 Filter Retaining Pin Buy Now
38. photo:B2506 B2506 Damper Buy Now

FM2024 Desoldering Tool Spare and Replacement Parts

FM2024  Desoldering Tool
Ref. Image Part Number Description  
photo:FM2024-02 FM2024-02 Includes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 + 10 Buy Now
1. photo:A1512 A1512 Front Holder Buy Now
2. photo:A1612 A1612 FM-2024 Filter Buy Now
3. photo:A1513 A1513 Back Holder Bushing Buy Now
4. photo:B2878 B2878 Back Holder Buy Now
5. photo:B2877 B2877 Hose Buy Now
6. photo:B2879 B2879 Flange Buy Now
7. photo:N3-06 N3 Nozzle See Nozzles Tab  
8. photo:B2872 B2872 Detachable Handle for Gun Buy Now
9. photo:B2873 B2873 Heating Element Cleaning Drill Buy Now
10. photo:B2876 B2876 Nozzle Remover Buy Now
photo: B3238 B3238 Transformer 230V For the FM-2024 Buy Now
photo: FH200 Spares
Ref  Image Part Number Description  
photo:FH200-05 FH200-05 Includes 1-7 Buy Now
1. photo:B3251 B3251 Iron Holder Base Buy Now
2. photo:B3249 B3249 Cleaner Base Buy Now
3. photo:599B 599B-02 Tip Cleaner Buy Now
4. photo:599-029 599-029 Cleaning Wire Buy Now
5. photo:B3250 B3413 Iron Holder Assembly Buy Now
6. photo:B3250 B3250 Stay Buy Now
7. photo:B3252 B3252 Switch Case Assembly Buy Now
8. photo:B3253 B3253 Connecting Cable Buy Now

Tech Tips

Category Title
How to use HAKKO N2 system
How to use Combinations of handpieces and soldering tips for the FM/FX series
Top Tips Top Tips for Successful Soldering and De-Soldering Processes


Manual Size
Hakko FM-204 Instruction Manual 13,425kb Download
Weight 6.223 kg

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