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FX1002 Micro Induction Heating (RF) Soldering Iron (Conversion Kit)

SKU: HFX1002-82


Available for order*

Induction (RF) Heating Soldering Iron (Conversion Kit)
Includes Handpiece, Stand and Heat Proof Mat
No calibration or system settings required
Tips Not included

£153.71 Excl. VAT

Available for order*


Suitable for use with HAKKO FX-100 Induction Heating Soldering Station

Conversion Kit includes Soldering Iron, Stand heat proof mat and sleeve options does not include Tip

An IH (High-Frequency Induction Heating) micro-soldering iron for the T35 Series of soldering tips

Especially suited for soldering microchips and other chips with narrow pin pitches under a microscope

FX-1002 and T35 series tip make it much easier to solder on microchips in very fine pitch (than FX-1001 and T31).

T35 is designed to obtain not only very fine shape but also sufficient thermal capacity to delivery stable soldering quality on damage sensitive products.

H K Wentworth - HAKKO UK and Ireland distributor
With the FX-1001 soldering tip, there is a tendency to interfere with the pin on the right, but now using the FX-1002, work can be done without interference to the surrounding pins. Connectable Station
(Single iron)

Secures field of vision under a microscope with 3 mm soldering tip

2 temperature series, 350°C and 400°C

Unlike conventional temperature control system, IH (Induction Heating) system provides fixed temperatures.

Within T35 series, tips shapes are exactly the same over the different temperature series.

Temperature series 350°C: T35-03 Series
400°C: T35-02 Series

What is IH (High-Frequency Induction Heating)

Unlike resistance-based heating systems that control temperature by turning heater power on and off via a sensor, with an induction heating system the soldering tip itself produces heat and maintains a constant temperature, enabling a small soldering tip to handle high thermal capacity, high-density substrates.

Packing list

Part No. Packing list
FX1002−82 (Conversion kit)
  1. FX8002-81 Handpiece
  2. Yellow sleeve Assembly (B5179)
  3. Green sleeve Assembly (B5180)
  4. Heat resistant pad (B2300)
  5. Iron holder (FH800-82BY)
  6. Cleaning Wire (A1561)
  7. Cleaning Sponge (A5038)
  8. Instruction manual (No photo)
A soldering tip is not included with this product. The desired tips should be purchased separately. Soldering tips (T35 Series) This soldering iron cannot be used as a stand-alone unit.


Model No. FX1002-81 FX1002-82
Temperature range T35-02 Series: 400ºC, T35-03 Series: 350ºC
Tip to ground resistance <2Ω
Tip to ground potential <2mV
Heating element IH (Induction heating)
Cord length 1.3m
Total length 166mm (with No.T35-02D1)
Weight 21g (with No.T35-02D1)
* Total length and weight (w/o cord)

Soldering Tip / Nozzle

T31 Series

Optional / Recommended Extras

Part Number Description
FX1001-81 Soldering Iron Hand piece Buy
FX1001-82 Soldering Iron Conversion Kit Buy
B2300 Heat Proof Mat Buy
B5180 Green Sleeve Assembly for FX1002 Buy
FG-100B Tip Thermometer Buy
B2756 Tip Holder Buy
611-1 Solder Wire Holder Buy
599B Tip Cleaner Buy
B3474 Rubber Tip Cleaner Buy
FA-400 Desktop Fume Extractor Buy

Replacement Parts FX1002 Conversion Kit

  Part Number Description  
1. FX1002-81 Handpiece Buy
2. B5179 B5180 Sleeve Assembly Yellow Sleeve Assembly Green Buy Buy
3. B2300 Heat Resistant Pad Buy
4. FH800-82 Soldering Iron Stand with cleaning wire and sponge

FH800-82 Soldering Iron Stand

  Part Number Description  
1. A5038 Cleaning Sponge
2. B5181 Top Case
3. B3751 Base
4. A1561 Cleaning Sponge Buy

Tech Tips

Category Title
Top Tips Top Tips for Successful Soldering and De-Soldering Processes
Weight 0.5 kg

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