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FN-1010 IOT Soldering Station

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Improve traceability
Minimize human error
Optimize soldering conditions
Ideal for use with support equipment eg. FG-100B

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Features of the FN1010-22 IOT Soldering Station

Enables human error-free temperature control and traceability of manual soldering process

FN1010-22 IOT Soldering Station and FG100B equipped with communication function.
Pioneer the future of soldering with advanced IoT technology

FN1010-22 IOT Soldering Station

“Process control” and “Traceability” can be established through daily manual soldering operation.

Optimization of soldering conditions is now possible based on a variety of information in daily soldering process collected by FN-1010.

Information to be collected
The following information can be collected by memory chip in T36 series tip and saved in a computer through a soldering station.

  • Tip shape
  • Tip Serial number
  • Number of loads
  • Total time of power supplied
  • Load sensitivity
  • Type of solder alloy (Lead-Free / Lead)
  • Count alarm
FN1010-22 IOT Soldering Station

Automatic calibration/off-set can be completed once measurement result is sent through infrared.

Human error-free “tip temperature calibration ” and “off-set” can be established through daily manual soldering process.
Results of measurement/calibration/off-set can be recorded automatically.Options for IoT communication

Please choose the options according to the numbers of units and the connection port of PC and server.

FN1010-22 IOT Soldering Station

FN1010-22 IOT Soldering Station

* RS232C cannot be connected with some PCs. Please check.

Visualize energy supplied during soldering

It is now possible to visualize invisible energy supplied from T36 series Soldering Iron tip during soldering. And that makes it possible to control factors of soldering, which were impossible before.

FN1010-22 IOT Soldering Station

HAKKO FN1010-22 IOT Soldering Station

Real-time work status on the LCD screen

Improved button operation

Quick access to “Preset temperatures” and “Off-set mode” with one push.
It takes few button operation to access to most frequently used functions.

Notification of alarm with sound and vibration

Alarm can be notified with vibration in a noisy environment.

Free fall detection function

Built-in motion sensor detects free fall and cuts the power.
It can prevent burning floor, a fire and other accident with the heat.

Tip cleaner with solder ball preventive design

Solder ball during tip cleaning can be reduced by 99% with devised cleaner designs such as smaller aperture, and set angle as well as position.

* In-house comparison

Tip replacement without heat resistant pad

  1. FN1010 Soldering Station
  2. Power Cord
  3. Instruction Manual
  4. Soldering Iron (FN1101-81)
  5. Tip Cleaner (FT401-81)
  6. Cleaning Wire (A1561)
  7. Iron Holder (FH210-81)


Model No. FN-1010
Power consumption 100W
Temperature range 50 to 450ºC
Temperature stability ±3ºC


Output voltage AC 21V
Dimensions 104(W)×138(H)×152(D)mm
Weight 1.9kg

Soldering Iron

Power consumption 95W (21V)
Tip to ground resistance <2Ω
Tip to ground potential <2mV
Heating element Composite heater
* Total length and weight (w/o cord)

Soldering Tip / Nozzle

T36 Series

Replacement Parts

Part No. Name Specifications
photo:B2972 FN1101-81 FN-1101 Soldering iron Buy
FH210-81 FH-210-81 Iron holder Buy
photo:FM2026-05 FT401-81 FT-401 Tip cleaner Buy
photo:FM2026-05 A1561 A1561 Tip Cleaning wire Buy
photo:FM2026-05 B5208 B5208 Transformer Buy
photo:FM2026-05 B5213 B5213 Solder Scatterproof Cover Buy
photo:FM2026-05 B5214 B5214 Tip removing attachment Buy
photo:FM2026-05 B5215 B5215 Holder for iron receptacle Buy
photo:FM2026-05 B5216 B5216 Iron receptacle with screw Buy
photo:FM2026-05 B2791 B2791 Retaining clip Buy
photo:FM2026-05 B5217 B5217 Nipple with Sealing valve Buy
photo:FM2026-05 B5218 B5218 Sealing valve Buy


Part No. Name Specifications
photo:FM2026-05 FN1102-81 FN1102 N2 Soldering Iron Buy
photo:FM2026-05 B5210 B5210 Interface card USB Buy
photo:FM2026-05 B5211 B5211 Interface card RS232C Buy
photo:FM2026-05 B5212 B5212 Interface card LAN Buy
photo:FM2026-05 B2300 Heat Resistant Pad Buy

Tech Tips

Weight 3.251 kg

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