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FN-1101 Soldering iron

SKU: HFN1101-81


Available for order*

Soldering Iron 95W (21V) designed for FN-1010
Tips NOT Included

£232.24 Excl. VAT

Available for order*

FN1101-81 Soldering iron for the FN1010 Soldering Station. Suitable for use with T36 Series Tips which include a memory chip system built in for full traceability.

Tip Nozzle Required
Tip Shape Part No. Part No. Part Name
B T36-B B5233 Nozzle Assembly A
0.8D T36-D08
1.6D T36-D16
2.4D T36-D24
I T36-I
0.2JS T36-JS02
0.5B T36-B2 B5234 Nozzle Assembly B
2BC T36-BC2
0.2JS T36-J02
1BC T36-BC1 B5235 Nozzle Assembly C
1C T36-C1
3BC T36-BC3 B5236 Nozzle Assembly D
4C T36-BC4
5.2D T36-D52 B5237 Nozzle Assembly E
3.2DL T36-DL32
K T36-K

Soldering Tip / Nozzle

T36 Series

Replacement Parts

Part No. Name Specifications
photo:B2972 B5217 B5217 Nipple with Sealing valve Buy
photo:B2876 B5218 B5218 Sealing valve Buy


Part No. Name Specifications
FH210-81 FH-210-81 Iron holder Buy
photo:FM2026-05 FT401-81 FT-401 Tip cleaner Buy

Tech Tips

Weight 0.1099 kg

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