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FT-720 Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner

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Hakko FT-720 Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner
Automatic rotating brushes to clean and polish tips
catches removed solder inside for reduced mess
Fluoroplastic brushes – can be used regularly in place of a sponge or wire.

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Instantly clean soldering iron tips with the HAKKO FT720 Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner

The infrared sensor reads the insertion of the tip, and the brush automatically rotates. Instantly cleaning the tip. The speed of the cleaner combined with no need for water reduces the tip temperature drop and improves work flow.

Compatible with various tip shapes

In addition to various shapes of tips, brush cleaning can quickly and reliably clean the tips even when the feed pipe assembly is attached.

The opening can be adjusted with the adjuster.
By attaching and detaching the adjuster, it can be used for both small and thick tips.

In addition, the removed adjuster can be stored inside the main body.

FT720-10 Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner

Reduces solder scattering

The opening has been made as small as possible to reduce the scattering of solder debris and an inbuilt try catches the debris for easy cleaning.

Lineup of brushes according to the intended use

In addition to the standard equipment, two types of cleaning brushes are available as options (sold separately) so that the degree of solder removal can be adjusted.

A5063 Fluororesin brush A5063 Resin Brush A1567 Metal Brush
A5063 Fluororesin brush

Included as standard with the HAKKO FT720 Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner, durable long-life brush

It also suppresses solder scattering during cleaning.

A5063 Resin Brush

Optional resin brush

Recommended when you want to suppress tip oxidation, such as when using lead-free or halogen-free.

A1567 Metal Brush

Optional metal brush

Recommended for precision work and soldering of minute parts, completely removes all residue from the tip

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