Tech Tips

Offset value input method

Here shows how to offset, for example HAKKO FX-951.
The offset value input method varies with its product. As for the details, please confirm the method of each product by its instruction manual. In case the offset value input method is uncertain (unavailable of its instruction manual), please contact with the nearest representative.

Offset value input method TOP
Case 1 If the “tip temperature” is higher than the “set temperature”, input a negative offset value.
Case 2 If the “tip temperature” is lower than the “set temperature”, input a positive offset value.

Tip temperature Decreases Increases
Offset value input range -50ºC/-90ºF 0ºC +50ºC/+90ºF
Offset indication -50/-90 000 050/090

Offset value input method TOP
Set temperature: 360ºC Tip temperature: 395ºC
  1. Measure the tip temperature and check the difference in temperature between current “tip temperature” and “set temperature”.

    Setting temperature – Tip temperature = Difference in temperature
    Ex. 360395 = -35

  2. Press the “#” button to check the current offset value.

    Ex. If the current offset value is 010:

  3. Calculate the offset input value from the current offset value and current difference in temperature.

    Offset value + Difference in temperature = Offset input value
    Ex. 010 + (-35) = -25
    In this case, the offset input value shows -25.

    * Calculate the figures within the square depending on situation.