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FX-901 Cordless Soldering Iron

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  • The FX-901 is a cordless soldering iron solution ideal for field service technicians and for all your soldering projects and hobbies.
  • Cordless design makes this iron very handy to use virtually anywhere
  • Can operate above 315°C for up to 120 continuous minutes, unlike any other cordless soldering gun.
  • AA Batteries NOT included: Recommended Ni-MH batteries for optimal performance

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Handy design for cordless soldering
Quick and easy soldering tip replacement

  • The quick-release soldering tip can be easily replaced.
Selective battery

  • Various batteries including alkaline and nickel-hydrogen batteries can be used by changing the cartridge.
Easy soldering not only for hobby but for P.C. board processing

  • Powerful cord and handy cordless soldering iron.
  • Various soldering application is available such as P.W.B., field service and model or radio-controlled models.


Model No. FX-901
Power supply AA 4 pcs.(not included)
Power consumption Alkaline batteries : 6V (6W)
Nickel hydrogen batteries (2150mAh) : 4.8V (5W)
Standard tip Shape-B (No.T11-B)
Battery life Alkaline batteries : 60 minutes
Nickel hydrogen batteries (2150mAh) : 120 minutes
Total length 212mm
Weight 76g

[ Measurement conditions ]
– When using new batteries, performance will vary depending on batteries.
– The operating time was measured from when powered on until the temperature came down less than 300°C which is supposed as minimum for soldering.
* When using the batteries except specified above, performance and hour operation will vary.
* Total length (w/o cap)
* Weight (w/o battery)


    Put the soldering tip through the hole in the nipple, then insert them to the unit as shown in Figure 1.
    Turn the nipple approximately 90 degrees clockwise and screw it tightly on the unit. Be sure to secure the tip tightly. Attach the soldering tip while it is cold.
    Slide down the release button to the UNLOCK position as shown in Figure 2. Remove the battery cartridge from the unit. Check the polarity and insert the batteries in the proper orientation.
    Place the upper side of the battery cartridge onto the guide of the unit, slide the cartridge, and set the release button to the LOCK position.
    Turn the power switch ON. The LED lamp lights up, and the soldering tip heats up to be soldered after 40 seconds.
    After soldering, be sure to turn the power switch OFF and attach the protective cap to the unit.
H K Wentworth - HAKKO UK and Ireland distributor

Soldering Iron with Protective Cap, Batteries not included.

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699-030620 Nipple for the FX-901 (Set of 10)


Nipple for the FX-901 (Set of 10)

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