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Cleaning after removal of BGA

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Cleaning after removal of BGA

SMD TYPE Spatula, which is capable of heating plural pins or lead wires at once, is recommended. * Click icon and jump to each tip shape details

Shape BCM/CM Shape BC/C Shape B Shape D Shape I Shape J Shape K SMD Type : Shape Quad SMD Type : Shape Tunnel SMD Type : Shape Spatula Shape A Shape H Shape R Narrow-pitch Soldering Type : Shape S Shape SB Special Applications Type Shape Concave

First of all, please apply flux.
If not, solder icicle as shown in the left side photo may occur while moving the tip.
Cleaning without flux Cleaning with flux
Click here to enlarge the photos. Click here to enlarge the photos.

Use SMD Type : Shape Spatula

This shape is capable of heating IC lead wires on one side of a wide IC, connector, etc. at once. It offers other recommended usages.

Use it for cleaning after removal of BGA.
1.Apply flux. (See the movie.)
2.Put the tip on the P.W.B.
3.Move the tip slowly across.