T15-1202 SMD Quad Soldering Tip 10.3mm x 10.3mm x 5.5mm

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T15 Series Tip For use with the FM2027 / FM2028 Soldering Irons
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How to use SMD Type : Shape Quad and examples

Supports rework environment with 3 types: quad, tunnel and spatula. This type is capable of heating plural pins or lead wires at once and is used for rework of SMDs. SMD TYPE Quad use it for removing QFPs.

[ How to select the size ]
Select the head not by the number of pins but by the package size [length x width x height] including legs.

How to select the size

[ The tip before soldering ]
Apply solder to the tip end before operating.
NOTE: Applying sufficient solder makes removing easier.

The tip before soldering

Removing QFP

Use it for removing QFP.
1.Apply flux to the leads. (See the movie.)
2.Warm the IC.
3.Remove it using tweezers, etc.