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NC600 Qualitek No Clean Delta Solder Wire 0.51mm Tin 60/40 Lead Alloy 2.2% Flux 500G

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NC600( No-Clean)
Utilizing synthetically refined resin and a very effective
activator, NC600 wets and spreads like an RA type.
NC600 exhibits virtually no splattering. NC600
conforms to QQ-S-571 and J-STD-004

Alloy Sn60/Pb40
Melting Range 183-190 C

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Available for order*

Flux Core

Qualitek has developed a no clean flux system that may be used for both lead-containing alloys and lead-free alloys. It provides the fluxing activity levels that promote fast wetting action and maximum wetting spread.Utilizing synthetically refined resin and very effective activator, NC600 wets and spreads like an RA type flux core.NC600 exhibits virtually no spattering and leaves minimal residue.

Main Features

  • Excellent wettability
  • Yields clear, non-conductive residues

Technical Data (Flux Extract)

Color & Appearance Light yellow opaque solid Visual
Flux Classification REL0 J-STD-004
Copper Mirror No removal of copper film IPC-TM-650 2.3.32
Corrosion SIR Pass IPC-TM-650 2.6.15
J-STD-004,Pattern Down 2.05 x 1011 IPC-TM-650
Electromigration Pass Bellcore GR-78-CORE 13.1.4
Post Reflow Flux Residue 55% TGA Analysis
Acid Value 190 - 210 IPC-TM-650 2.3.13
Flux Residue Dryness Pass IPC-TM-650 2.4.47
Spitting of Flux-Cored Solder 0.3% IPC-TM-650 2.4.48
Solder Spread 100 mm2 IPC-TM-650 2.4.46

Wire Diameter

Sn63/Pb37 NC600 Delta Solder Wire is available in a variety of diameters. The chosen diameter is based on application methods, pad size, and desired solder joint volume. Generally, the diameter of the wire should be slightly larger than the width/diameter of the joint or connection to be soldered. Below is a list of standard diameters.

Standard wire diameters

Diamter/Inch 0.125 0.092 0.062 0.050 0.040 0.032 0.028 0.025 0.020 0.015
Diameter/mm 3.18 2.33 1.57 1.27 1.01 0.81 0.71 0.63 0.51 0.38
Std.Wire Gauge 11 13 16 18 19 21 22 23 25 28
Tolerance, in. +/-0.006 +/-0.005 +/-0.003 +/-0.003 +/-0.002 +/-0.002 +/-0.002 +/-0.002 +/-0.002 +/-0.002

Flux Percentage

Qualitek utilizes a state-of–the-art automatic wire extrusion and wire drawing machines to manufacture consistent solder. The introduction of flux core in the wire extrusion process involves continual monitoring of flux percentage to ensure minimal flux voids and irregular wire. Typical flux percentage for leaded solder is 1.1 – 3.3%.

Physical Properties

Solder Composition

Qualitek has developed a no clean resin based core flux with alloy composition, Sn63/Pb37, which is a eutectic alloy. Qualitek Sn63/Pb37 alloy conforms to and exceeds the impurity requirements of IPC-J-STD-006C.

Typical Analysis
Sn Ag Cu Pb Sb Bi In As Fe Ni Cd Al Zn Au
62.5 –63.5 0.100 Max 0.080 Max Bal 0.200 Max 0.100 Max 0.100 Max 0.030 Max 0.020 Max 0.010 Max 0.002 Max 0.005 Max 0.003 Max 0.050 Max

Melting Point, °C 183 E
Hardness, Brinell 14 HB
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 24.7
Tensile Strength, psi 4442
Density, g/cm3 8.42
Electrical Resistivity, (μΩ-cm) 14.5
Electrical Conductivity, 104/ohm-cm 6.9

Yield Strength, psi 3950
Total Elongation,% 48
Joint Shear Strength, at 0.1mm/min 20 °C 23
Joint Shear Strength, at 0.1mm/min 100 °C 14
Creep Strength, N/mm2 at 0.1mm/min 20 °C 3.3
Creep Strength, N/mm2 at 0.1mm/min 100 °C 1
Joint Fatigue Cycle, 15N/mm2 20 °C 10N/mm2 100 °C 1100 900

Flux Residues & Cleaning

NC600 is a no clean formulation; therefore, the residues do not need to be removed for typical applications. If residue removal is desired, the use of Everkleen 1005 Buffered Saponifier with a 5-15% concentration in hot 60 °C (140 °F) de-ionized water will aid in residue removal.

Tech Tips

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