HAKKO Thermal Wire Stripper FT-802 Live Demonstrations

World Class Thermal Wire Strippers

HAKKO, the world’s leading manufacturer of soldering, de-soldering, PCB rework and fume extraction equipment, has announced the launch of a brand-new thermal wire stripper, designed to overcome all common problems associated with using mechanical strippers and hand tools

FT-802 is the latest version of HAKKO’s world-class thermal wire strippers that satisfies the demands of the military, medical and aerospace industries. The new model wire stripper ensures the precise, clean-cut removal of wire insulation, even cutting through highly heat-resistant PTFE, with improved flexibility, allowing for tangle-free operation without any hassle. It is also a perfect solution for the stripping of insulation from single core wires.

Removing insulation from fine wires is a difficult task. The traditional way to remove insulation surrounding the wire would be to use mechanical strippers or even wire cutters, however, the huge downside of this is potential damage to the wiring. Damaged wire cores and cut strands present serious reliability issues that can result in broken connections caused by vibration, expansion, contraction, and other external factors. Conventional tools often fail to cut cleanly all the way through, leaving behind whiskers of insulation or scratches on the wire. HAKKO’s state-of-the-art thermal wire strippers are highly accurate, safe and effective products for the stress-free removal of insulation from thick wires to even the most superfine wires, with absolutely no damage to the internal cores.

HAKKO’s new FT-802 thermal wire stripper is designed for high-quality precision, allowing for effective stripping of very fine AWG 38 with standard blades. Space-saving features include an integrated handpiece holder, with a blade storage holder and blade removal plate incorporated into the system itself. FT-802 has a high-power output setting and features a newly improved handpiece, the FT-8004, which is a modified version of the HAKKO FT-8002 handpiece. The comfortable, ergonomic grip ensures that this is a supremely versatile solution protecting even the finest wires and strands. The new handpiece also includes a tweezer construction, allowing for even closer alignment. The handpiece works in conjunction with a new series of sharper G4 blades; the positioning of the heater in the handpiece allows for even greater thermal efficiency, for an even cleaner cut.

HAKKO’s Thermal Wire Strippers provide exceptional ease-of-use for the operator and settings can be locked with a password. The digital design enables the output temperature to suit the insulation material, which prevents problems such as the inability to strip wire in a single action and stops insulation from sticking to blades due to deployment at an incorrect temperature. HAKKO’s wire stripping products are incredibly quick to heat up and feature a temperature control mechanism, which is second to none. HAKKO’s wide range of blades also provide customers with precise options for their application requirements, even for thicker wires. Blade replacement is now easier and safer with HAKKO’s purpose-designed blade replacement tool. Featuring a choice of three replacement blades for a wide range of wire gauges, there is no need to replace the entire handpiece every time a blade wears out.

HAKKO has built upon a tremendous reputation in Japan and are globally renowned for their reliable, high-performance products, excellent customer service and capacity to satisfy industry demands for superior quality. The new thermal wire stripper, FT-802, will be available for demonstrations during Southern Manufacturing 2020. Visit the Hakko team 11-13th February 2020, Stand L90.