SPPON-18G Manual De-Soldering Pump

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  • Light-weight, economical, simplified desoldering tool with high suction power
  • Cleaning shaft that allows the cleaning of nozzle after each use is employed
  • Nozzles can be replaced with simple operation
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Lightweight and economical design.

Powerful enough for both occasional and heavy-duty desoldering applications efficiently.
Unique cleaning shaft allows you to clean the nozzle quickly and easily.
How to use HAKKO SPPON


Model No. 18 18G 20 20G DS01P
Absorption capacity 12cm3(12cc) 12cm3 (12cc) w/ Guard 20cm3(20cc) 20cm3 (20cc) w/ Guard 28cm3(28cc)

Soldering Tip / Nozzle

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