FT8003-81 Hot Knife (Full Conversion Kit)

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FT8003 hot knife blade is designed for stripping ultra-thick wires and wire harness braid.
FT8003 Conversion Kit for FT-801 / FT-802

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The Hakko FT8003 is a hot knife handpiece and is compatible for use with the FT-800, FT-801 and FT-802 stations. Please note, the FT8003-02 is only the handpiece. For a complete kit with holder, please see part number FT8003-81.

The FT8003 features a knife blade design, and is ideal for use with ultra thick wires, as well as expando and other wiring braids. This item has an ultra slim, ergonomic handpiece, is ESD safe and provides easy insertion and removal of blades.

Model No. Packing List
1. HAKKO FT8003 Handpiece
2. HAKKO G3-1601 Blade
3. HAKKO C5034 Stand


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