FM2024-02 Desoldering Tool (Hand Piece)

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Integrated desoldering unit equipped with nozzle with built-in heater provides excellent thermal recovery
Nozzle can be replaced with simple one-touch operation
Used together with an FM Series desoldering stations

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Integrated heater realizes great thermal recovery.
Nozzle can be replaced with simple pulling-out operation.
  Choose station to suit the operation
  Specifications vary by station combined.
  - Vacuum pump type desoldering tool
     HAKKO FM-204 Vacuum pomp type
   HAKKO FM-206 (3-handpiece insertion, optional soldering, SMD rework possible)
  - External air source is not required for the FM-204 or FM-206 which have built in vacuum pump.
     HAKKO FM-202 (Discontinued Products)
   Also Compatible with the Hakko FM-203 – Requires Control box (see conversion kit)  and external compressed air source 
  Distribution equipment for plant air or other type of compressed air is required.
  Two power receptacles are required.
  One unit can serve dual usage of Gun/Straight configurations
  The composite nozzle ensures superior thermal recovery
  Lightweight design
  ESD safe by design

Two usages of Gun/Straight configuration by the gun grip attached or removed.
Gun configuration
Two usages of Gun/Straight configuration by the gun grip attached or removed.
Straight configuration

Nozzle cartridge can be replaced even before the nozzle becomes cool.
Hot nozzle can be replaced by nozzle cartridge by during work . Hot nozzle can be replaced by nozzle cartridge by during work . Hot nozzle can be replaced by nozzle cartridge by during work .
Detach the nozzle remover.   Firmly attach the nozzle remover to the nozzle cartridge as shown in the picture.   Pull the nozzle remover with the nozzle cartridge in one stroke.
Part No. Packing List Applicable Station
No.FM2024-02 MODEL FM-2024/24V-70W
1. MODEL FM-2024 Desoldering tool
2. Handle (for gun configuration)
3. Filter pipe assembly
4. Instruction manual

Soldering Tip / Nozzle

N3 Series

Replacement Parts

  Part No. Name Specifications  
photo:B2872 B2872 Handle   Buy
photo:B2876 B2876 Nozzle remover   Buy
photo:A1612 A1612 Filter pipe assembly (qty 10)
* The replacement for A1511.
with ceramic paper filter Buy
photo:B2873 B2873 Cleaning drill heating element Buy
photo:B2873 B1087 Cleaning pin nozzle Φ1mm Buy
photo:B2873 A1613  A1613 Ceramic Filter   Buy
photo:B2873 B2881 B2881 Holder   Buy
photo:B2873 FH200-06 FH200-06 Iron holder for FM2024 with cleaning sponge   Buy
photo:B2873 B3413 B3413 Holder    Buy
photo:B2873 A1519  A1519 Yellow Cleaning sponge   Buy
photo:B2873 B3253  B3253 Connecting Cord for FX951 & FX838   Buy
photo:B2873 B2300 B2300 Heat Resistant Pad   Buy
photo:B2873 B2880 B2880 Vacuum Cap    Buy
photo:B2873 A1512 A1512 Front Holder for FM2024    Buy
photo:B2873 A1513 A1513 Back Holder for FM2024    Buy
photo:B2873 B2877 B2877 Hose for FM204   Buy
photo:B2873 B2878 B2878 Back Holder    Buy
photo:B2873 B2879 B2879 Flange    Buy



Iron Socket With Thermister, Condensor



Transformer 230V For the FM-2024




  Part No. Name Specifications  
photo:B2874 B2874 Cleaning pin nozzle Φ0.6mm Buy
photo:B1086 B1086 Cleaning pin nozzle Φ0.8mm Buy
photo:B1088 B1088 Cleaning pin nozzle Φ1.3mm Buy
photo:B1089 B1089 Cleaning pin nozzle Φ1.6mm Buy
photo:B2875 B2875 Cleaning pin nozzle Φ2mm / 2.3mm Buy
photo:599B 599B HAKKO 599B tip cleaner   Buy
photo:599B C1529 Desoldering Control Box (DCB)   Buy

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