FM-203 Duel  Soldering and Desoldering Station

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  • Multi-station that enables soldering, desoldering, and SMD rework all with a single unit
  • Selectable soldering iron for N2 system or micro soldering as usage at your option


A single station plays multiple roles: Soldering, desoldering, and SMD rework

Two handpieces can be selected in various combinations 

*This station is equipped with one HAKKO FM-2027 handpiece.

A wide range of handpieces

 Figures of connectable handpieces are shown on the connectors as well as the indications of "Channel D" and "Channel S".

Handpiece combination examples
Simultaneous use Channel D Channel S
Yes FM-2027
     Soldering iron
     Soldering iron

HAKKO FM-2024 (*)
     Desoldering tool

HAKKO FM-2026 (**)
     N2 soldering iron

     Micro soldering iron
Either one of handpieces operates
     Rework tool
     (direct heat-type)
Either one of handpieces operates
     Rework tool
     (direct heat-type)
Either one of handpieces operates
     Heavy duty 
     soldering iron
Either one of handpieces operates
     N2 heavy duty 
     soldering iron
Yes FM-2024
HAKKO FM-2024 (*)
  Desoldering tool
Yes FM-2026
HAKKO FM-2026(*2)
     N2 soldering iron
Yes FM-2026
     Micro soldering iron
* For HAKKO FM-2024, each handpiece needs a desoldering control box and compressor.
** For HAKKO FM-2026, each handpiece needs an N2 generator (HAKKO FX-780), flowmeter (HAKKO FX-791), compressor, regulator, etc. For further details, refer to the combination examples.
Poweful thermal recovery performance
· See how much its thermal recovery is improved by using a composite tip
HAKKO FM-203&HAKKO 937 Thermal Recovery Graph

Power save function
Sleep function : While the handpiece is being placed on the iron holder (HAKKO FH-200), the sleep function is activated and decreases the temperature of tip on the holder up to approximately 200°C , preventing the tip from being oxidized. In addition, this function can relieve the load applied to the tip due to the high-temperature settings required for lead-free soldering.
Auto power shut-off function : By connecting the iron holder (HAKKO FH-200) and station with the connecting cable, the auto power shut-off function is activated in the same manner as the sleep function. 

Auto power shut-off function
Combined use with an optional handpiece (HAKKO FM-2026, etc.) enables use of the N2system
Buzzer ON/OFF setting is available
Buzzer ON/OFF setting – control the buzzer sound for errors when the target temperature is achieved.

Packing List

Model No. Packing List
FM-203 Station + One Soldering Iron 
HAKKO FM-203 Packing List
1. HAKKO FM-203 Station
2. Soldering iron(HAKKO FM-2027)
3. Control card
4. Heat resistant pad
5. Iron holder(No. FH200-01: with HAKKO 599B tip cleaner)
6. Tip tray
*7. Power cord
*8. Connecting cable
*9. Instruction manual: 1 for each
* No photos are shown for parts *7 through *9.
* A soldering tip is not included in this product. The tips of desired shape should be purchased separately.


Model No. FM-203
Power consumption 140W
Temperature range FM-2026/2027:200 to 450ºC
FM-2022/2023:200 to 400ºC
FM-2024:350 to 450ºC
FM-2032:200 to 450ºC
Temperature stability ±5ºC at idle temperature


Output voltage AC 24V
Dimensions 120(W)×120(H)×190(D)mm
Weight 2.7kg

Soldering Iron

Power consumption 70W (24V)
Tip to ground resistance <2Ω
Tip to ground potential <2mV
Heating element Composite heater
Cord length 1.2m
Total length 188mm (with 2.4D tip)
Weight 30g (with 2.4D tip)

* Total length and weight (w/o cord)

Soldering Tip / Nozzle

For the HAKKO FM-203, soldering iron tips are not supplied as accessories. Please purchase soldering iron tips.

  • T12 Series (Soldering) for Japan, Oceania, Asia & Other countries.
  • T15 Series (Soldering) for Nouth America & EU.

New Tip Shape Concave type
This type has a concave (or V-groove) at the end.
It provides excellent heat supply to solder joint and ensures sufficient solder flow-up.
Concave type
Concave type
New Tip Shape Concave type
This type has a concave (or V-groove) at the end. 
It provides excellent heat supply to solder joint and ensures sufficient solder flow-up. 
Concave type

T15 Series

Replacement Parts

  Part No. Name Specifications  
photo:B3216 B3216 Sleeve assembly yellow Buy
photo:FM2027-02 FM2027-02 Soldering Iron (Connector only)   Buy
photo:FH200-01 FH200-01 Iron holder <w/ cleaning wire> with power-save function Buy
photo:B2972 B2972 Control card   Buy
photo:B3253 B3253 Connecting cable   Buy
photo:B2300 B2300 Heat resistant pad   Buy
photo:B2756 B2756 Tip tray   Buy
photo:B3215 B3215 Connector cover for FM-2027  
photo:B3215 B2425 Hakko British Standard Plug   Buy
photo:B3215 B2384 Power Inlet   Buy
photo:B3215 B2852 Power Switch   Buy


  Part No. Name Specifications  
photo:FM2022-05 FM2022-05 HAKKO FM-2022 conversion kit 140W (24V),for North America & EU Buy 
photo:FM2023-06 FM2023-06 HAKKO FM-2023 conversion kit 140W (24V),for EU Buy
photo:FM2024-xx FM2024-02 FM2024-02 Desoldering Tool (Hand Piece)  Requires control box and external compressed air source Buy
photo:FM2024-xx FM2024-35 FM2024-35 Desoldering Tool (Conversion Kit) requires external compressed air source  Buy
photo:FM2026-03 FM2026-03 HAKKO FM-2026 70W (24V) Buy
photo:FM2026-06 FM2026-06 HAKKO FM-2026 conversion kit 70W (24V),for North America & EU Buy
photo:FM2027-01 FM2027-01 Soldering Iron Handpiece Mini Conversion Kit 70W (24V) Buy
photo:FM2027-03 FM2027-03 Soldering Iron Full Conversion Kit 70W (24V) Buy
photo:FM2030-02 FM2030-02 HAKKO FM-2030 conversion kit   Buy
photo:FM2031-02 FM2031-02 HAKKO FM-2031 conversion kit 140W (24V) Buy
photo:FM2032-52 FM2032-52 HAKKO FM-2032 conversion kit   Buy
photo:B3218 B3218 Sleeve assembly blue Buy
photo:B3219 B3219 Sleeve assembly green  
photo:B3217 B3217 Sleeve assembly orange Buy
photo:A1519 A1519 Cleaning sponge yellow Buy