908 Soldering Iron (C1146)

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Soldering Iron for the 701, 702B, 936 and 937 Stations
Note: This product has been discontinued and will be supported while stocks last. Contact us for more info.

Soldering Iron for the 701, 702B and 937 Stations
Power consumption (W): 50 (24V)
Included Soldering Iron Tip: 900L-T-B
control Temperature (℃): 200 - 480
Length (mm): 200
Soldering iron tip name: Type B
Mass (G): 54
Resistance between this and ground: 2 Ω or less
leak Voltage: 2m v or less
soldering iron part Cable: 1.2 m
Soldering Iron Tip Standard equipment
Soldering Iron Size: L
Soldering Iron Size: L

Soldering Iron


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