A1573 Main Filter for the FA-430

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HEPA Main Filter for the FA-430 Fume Extraction Unit
Pleated filter captures 98% of particles 0.3µm in size.

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A1573 Main Filter for the FA-430

HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles greater than 0.3μm

FA-430 provides excellent filtering efficiency, 99.97% of particles greater than 0.3μm, by HEPA filter.

Filter replacement notification function ensures excellent trapping efficiency can be maintained at all times

No matter how sophisticated a fume extractor is, if the filter is not replaced at the right time, it will not be able to give maximum performance. The HAKKO FA-430 detects the number of fan rotation and notifies the operator of the appropriate time to replace the filter, guaranteeing a comfortable working environment.

  • Pre-filter
    When the pre-filter is 80% clogged or has been used for 200 hours, the orange indicator flashes on and off.


  • Main filter
    When the 10th pre-filter needs replacing, the orange and red lamps flash on and off.


Proper installation of the pre-filter

  • Proper installation
    Install the pre-filter inside the frame of the main filter as shown in image 1.
    Be sure to check that there are no gaps at the corners as shown in image 2.
  • Improper installation
    If the pre-filter is not installed properly as shown in images 3 and 4, the main filter will degrade its original performance quickly.