809 Desoldering Tool (C1183)

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Desoldering Tool for 474, 475, 701 or 702B Stations
Note: This product has been discontinued and will be supported while stocks last. Spare Parts are available while stocks last, Contact us for more info.

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Power Consumption: AC 24V/50W
Temperature: 380°~480°
Standard Nozzle: A1003 (Nozzle S ø1.0mm)
Heating Element: Ceramic Heater
Outer Dimensions: 135(W) x 174(H)mm
Weight (w/o Cord & Hose): Approx. 200g

Desoldering Tool


  Item Number  Part No. Name Availability 
1 A1314 Front Holder Buy 
2 A1030 Spring Filter Buy 
3 A1033 Ceramic Paper Filter
*Replaced with A5044
Please Contact Us
3 A5044 Ceramic Paper Filter *Replaced with A5044 Buy
4 B3756 Filter Pipe Buy
5 A1012 O-Ring Buy 
6 B1018 Backholder Buy 
7 B1019 Release Knob Buy 
8 B1020 Spring Release Buy 
9 B2074 Housing Buy 
10 B1023 Hose Buy 
11 A1319 Packing Buy 
12 B1025 Cord Assembly Buy 
13 B1024 Cord Holder Buy 
  14 B1022 Cord Stopper Please Contact Us
  15 B1026 Micro Switch Please Contact Us 
  16 B1021 Trigger Please Contact Us
17 A1313 Heating Element Buy 
  18 Nozzle  A1002-7 See Nozzles Tab
19 B1723 Element Cover Buy 
20 B1724 Nut Buy 
21 B1094 Spring Iron Holder Buy 
22 B1095 Cleaning Pin Holder Buy 
23 A1042 Cleaning Sponge Buy 
24 B1470 Iron Holder Base Buy 
25 631-01 Iron Holder Stand (Complete) Buy 
25 B3048 B3048 Hakko Wrench Tool for 807/ 808 / 809 Desoldering Tool Buy 


  Part No. Name Specifications  
631-01 631 Soldering Iron Stand   Buy
photo:C5034 A1042 A1042 Cleaning Sponge    Buy 
photo:C5034 926-029 926-029 Cleaning Sponge   Buy 
B1302 Cleaning drill nozzle Φ0.8mm   Buy
B1303 B1303 Cleaning drill nozzle Φ1mm   Buy
photo:FT8003-82 B1304 B1304 Cleaning drill nozzle Φ1.3mm   Buy
photo:FT8003-82 B1305 B1305 Cleaning drill nozzle Φ1.6mm   Buy
photo:FT8003-82 B1306 B1306 Drill holder nozzle Φ0.8/1mm    Buy
photo:FT8003-82 B1307 B1307 Drill holder nozzle Φ1.3/1.6mm   Buy
photo:FT8003-82 B1308 B1308 Drill (nozzle Φ0.8mm, qty 10)
photo:FT8003-82 B1309 B1309 Drill (nozzle Φ1mm, qty 10)    Buy
photo:FT8003-82 B1310 B1310 Drill (nozzle Φ1.3mm, qty 10)    Buy
photo:FT8003-82 B1311 B1311 Drill (nozzle Φ1.6mm, qty 10)    Buy
photo:FT8003-82 B1215 B1215 Heating Element Cleaning pin   Buy
photo:FT8003-82 B1087 B1087 Cleaning Pin 1.0mm    Buy
photo:FT8003-82 B1088 B1088 Cleaning Pin 1.3mm    Buy
photo:FT8003-82 B1089 B1089 Cleaning Pin 1.6mm    Buy