1. HAKKO Launch New Thermal Wire Stripper FT-802

    HAKKO, the world’s leading manufacturer of soldering, de-soldering, PCB rework and fume extraction equipment, has announced the launch of a brand new thermal wire stripper, designed to overcome all common problems associated with using mechanical strippers and hand tools. FT-802 is the latest version of HAKKO’s world-class thermal wire strippers that satisfies the demands of the military, medical and aerospace industries. The new model wire stripper ensures the precise, clean-cut removal of wire insulation, even through highly heat-resistant PTFE, with improved flexibility, allowing for tangle-free operation without any hassle. It is also a perfect solution for the stripping of insulation from single core wires.

    Removing insulation from fine wires is a difficult task. The traditional way to remove insulation surrounding the wire would be to use mechanical strippers or even wire cutters, however, the huge downside of this is the potential damage that can affect the wiring. If

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  2. HK Wentworth Acquires UK Distributor of HAKKO Equipment

    HK Wentworth Group has today announced the acquisition of Dancap Electronics,
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