FM2032-52 Micro Soldering Iron (Conversion Kit)

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FM-2032 Conversion Kit (Iron and Stand)
For Use with High End Stations FX-951, FM-203 or FM-206.
Fine tip and slim heater ensure your sophisticated soldering for precise components on high density PWB under microscope.
N2 Soldering is possible with option parts.

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Perform delicate soldering with your soldering station.

Connect any of the three stations below.
The high power 48W heater is capable even to multilayer PWB with excellent thermal recovery.


Ideal for micro-soldering applications under a microscope

HAKKO's slim and light-weight soldering iron sustains a high level of visibility.

Ideal for micro-soldering applications under a microscope

Optional parts make it compatible with N2 system.

Optional parts, "Hose assembly” and appropriate “Nozzle assembly” for the tip, make FM-2032 compatible with N2 system.
Heated N2 gas contributes to ‘improvement of solderbilityʼ, ‘prevention of tip oxidationʼ, and ‘preheating effect’ during micro soldering.

  Part No. Nozzle top outer diameter/
Nozzle length
Soldering tips
Nozzle assembly A C5038 T30-D1, T30-D06, T30-I , T30-KU
Nozzle assembly B C5039 T30-KN
Nozzle assembly C C5040 T30-J
Nozzle assembly D C5041 T30 Series soldering tips
* Shorter nozzle design provides compatibility with all the T30 Series soldering tips and better visibility.

N2 System reduces soldering defects

Work efficiency improved for minute and high-density components

Dedicated tips employ composite heater inside which has enough track records in the market. Now you can solder minute and high-density components which used to be difficult previously.

Tips designed especially for HAKKO FM-2032 - T30 Series

Tips designed especially for HAKKO FM-2032 - T30 Series

Grip mark can be attached/detached as desired.

Attach a grip mark for lead-free soldering or remove it for eutectic soldering.
How you use it is up to you.
Grip marks are convenient for identifying soldering tips which are difficult to recognize at a glance.

Grip mark can be attached/detached as desired.

Part No. Packing list
No.FM2032-52 FM2032-82
  1. 1. Soldering iron (HAKKO FM-2032)
  2. 2. Heat resistant pad
  3. 3. Iron holder (w/cleaning sponge)
  4. 4. Connecting cable
  5. 5. Instruction manual (No photo)

Model No. FM2032-51 FM2032-52
Power consumption 48W (24V)
Temperature range 200 to 450ºC
Tip to ground resistance <2Ω
Tip to ground potential <2mV
Heating element Composite heater
Cord length 1.3m
Total length 170mm (with 1D tip)
Weight 14g (with 1D tip)


* Total length and weight (w/o cord)


Soldering Tip / Nozzle

For the HAKKO FM-2032, soldering iron tips are not supplied as accessories. Please separately purchase "T30 Series" soldering iron tips.

"Nozzle assembly" and "Hose assembly" are necessary for FM-2032 to use N2 system.
"Nozzle assembly D" with its shorter nozzle design provides compatibility with all the T30 Series soldering tips and better visibility. Click here for details.

Replacement Parts

  Part No. Name Specifications  
photo:FM2032-52 FM2032-52 HAKKO FM-2032 conversion kit    Buy
photo:FM2032-51 FM2032-51 Soldering iron FM-2032   Buy 
photo:B5001 B5001 Handle mark (qty 2)   Buy 
photo:FH200-81 FH200-81 Iron holder <w/ cleaning sponge> with power-save function  Buy 
photo:B5000 B5000 Iron receptacle with retaining clip & screw  Buy
photo:B2791 B2791 Retaining clip   Buy 
photo:A1519 A1519 Cleaning sponge yellow  Buy
photo:A1536 A1536 Cleaning sponge
* Discontinued. The replacement is "A1519".
photo:B3253 B3253 Connecting cable   Buy 
photo:B2300 B2300 Heat resistant pad   Buy
If you have an iron holder that you use with the FM-2028, FM-2027 or FM-2026, it can be used for FM-2032 by simply replacing the Iron receptacle to No.B5000 which contains a retaining clip and screw. (Refer to the list above)

Iron receptacle for FM-2032
No. B5000
Iron receptacle for FM-2032


  Part No. Name Specifications  
photo:C5038 C5038 Nozzle assembly A for Shape-0.6D, 1D, I or KU of T30 series Buy
photo:C5039 C5039 Nozzle assembly B for Shape-KN of T30 series Buy
photo:C5040 C5040 Nozzle assembly C for Shape-J of T30 series Buy
photo:C5041 C5041 Nozzle assembly D for all soldering tips of T30 series Buy
photo:B5178 B5178 Hose assembly with cord holderb (qty 5) Buy
photo:599B 599B HAKKO 599B tip cleaner   Buy

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